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SMC³: Investing a Lifetime of Knowledge to Propel the Transportation Industry

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The Knowledge Hub for Less Than Truckload
SMC³ is the leading less than truckload (LTL) and truckload data and solutions provider, optimizing freight transportation across the supply chain. More than 5,000 North American shippers, carriers, logistics service providers (LSPs) and freight-payment companies rely on SMC³’s sophisticated LTL base rates, content, and expert LTL and truckload bidding and planning tools to make the best business decisions, achieve higher return on their transportation investment, and meet the dynamic demands of the market.
Proven Technical Expertise
With more than 85 years of history supporting the complex transportation niche, SMC³ is revered for its rich expertise, operational excellence and neutrality across the supply chain. The company’s proven ability to evolve with changes in technology allows SMC³ to meet the increasingly sophisticated customer demands of frictionless integration and interoperability. Today, through hosted technology solutions, SMC³ supports the entire supply chain with industry-leading speed, reliability.
Revered for Education Across the Supply Chain
Our commitment to help optimize LTL freight transportation and our long-standing reputation for excellence extends to thought leadership well beyond LTL. Through hosted conferences and educational events across North America, SMC³ brings together the most respected companies in supply chain management and innovation for extensive networking, alliance-building and knowledge-sharing.

SMC³. Investing a lifetime to help optimize LTL freight transportation.

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