BatchMark XL

BatchMark® XL Speeds LTL Freight Spend Analytics

Analyze thousands of LTL freight bills in seconds

Expedite less than truckload (LTL) analysis of current and historical freight spend with BatchMark® XL, SMC³’s powerful rapid batch rating tool. Quickly and accurately rate or rerate thousands of LTL freight bills simultaneously – including density-based rates.

Uncover insights into “what if” freight pricing scenarios, applying the analytic flexibility of two workflow options – Guided Analysis or Custom Analysis for program changes including:

  • FAK (Freight-All-Kinds) Programs
  • Base Rate Changes (gross or net)
  • General Rate Increases (GRIs)
  • Revenue Neutral Pricing Options
  • New Shipping Location or Location Changes
  • And More

BatchMark® XL works independently of a TMS or CMS system and facilitates a broad spectrum of LTL analysis – for RFP planning, post-bid evaluation, price negotiations, freight bill audit or potential service provider changes. Top line Insights are delivered via email and an easy-to-use response file complete with an analytical base and customizable user-friendly template.

Looking for transit time intelligence? When integrated with CarrierConnect® XL, BatchMark XL provides access to transit times and rates in the same solution. Users can now compare up to 20 services per shipment.

“BatchMark® is a great tool because we can use it to rate shipments in a variety of different formats,
allowing us to do a lot of ‘what-if’ comparisons and analyses”

Mark Redini | Senior Vice President, Pricing | Echo Global Logistics