CzarLite® LTL Base Rate is the Industry Standard

Most widely used LTL pricing benchmark in North America

LTL shippers and 3PLs face a multitude of pricing and service options in the highly competitive carrier market. Without a neutral, standardized pricing foundation, it’s impossible to accurately and reliably judge myriad shipping rates. CzarLite® has the answer, supporting both class and density pricing with carrier-neutral LTL base rates to get the conversation started.

The most widely used neutral LTL base rate for pricing agreements in North America, the CzarLite® family of base rates serves as an LTL pricing benchmark for thousands of successful shipper, carrier and logistics service provider (LSP) pricing agreements, representing billions of dollars in annual managed transportation spend.

“CzarLite® gives you a level playing field. It makes our analysis work for our clients easier and also actually makes working with the
carriers easier for us as well. They get used to the standardization, and we understand where the baseline is with our customers.”

Chad Earwood | President and CEO | eShipping