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CzarLite® Base Rate is the LTL Industry Standard

Carriers trust the most widely used LTL base rate in North America

Strengthening relationships between carriers and both shippers and LSPs starts with finding a common language. SMC³ gets the conversation started with CzarLite®, the industry benchmark for thousands of LTL contracts that account for billions of dollars in managed transportation each year.

Providing unrivaled accuracy and usability, the CzarLite® family of base rates from SMC³ empowers carriers to:

  • Negotiate in the same language as your customers
  • Use a standardized LTL benchmark rate across your customer portfolio
  • Price strategically at regional, multiregional, transcontinental and North American market levels
  • Facilitate both traditional classification-based pricing and density-based shipment pricing to adapt to global business standards

CzarLite®, SMC³’s next generation pricing system, represents the industry’s most advanced benchmark base rate available. CzarLite®:

  • Incorporates modern market freight flow patterns and high cost areas, reflecting the most current economic and geographic complexities of North American’s many regions
  • Reflects analysis of 116.8 million freight bills from 33 of the largest LTL carriers, a data set unique to SMC³
  • Is modeled by industry leading data scientists at SMC³, based on more than 80 years of LTL experience
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