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CzarLite® | The Base Rate Standard for Shippers

Shippers choose most widely used LTL base rate in North America

Evaluating multiple carriers for your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments is like comparing apples to oranges unless you start with a neutral, benchmark rate. CzarLite® from SMC³ is the industry benchmark for thousands of LTL contracts, in both classification- and density-based shipment pricing, that account for billions of dollars in managed transportation each year.

CzarLite reflects the analysis of 116.8 million freight bills from 33 of the largest LTL carriers, a data set unique to SMC³. Providing unrivaled accuracy and usability, the CzarLite® family of base rates empowers you to:

  • Negotiate transportation spend using a consistent base rate across carriers, to ensure total pricing visibility
  • Quickly evaluate the impact of carrier rate adjustments, discounts and FAK classifications
  • Streamline LTL rate negotiations by reducing or eliminating the need for ambiguous discount structures
  • Easily access and integrate benchmark rates into business systems and technology platforms
  • Incorporates modern market freight flow patterns and high cost areas, reflecting the most current economic and geographic complexities of North American’s many regions
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