Dynamic PriceBuilder

Dynamic PriceBuilder®

Dynamic LTL Price Generation for Carriers

In order to operate efficiently, LTL carrier pricing needs to be flexible and responsive to the many factors impacting the industry. From shifting national freight patterns to sudden swings in available capacity, making the move to dynamic pricing gives carriers the flexibility to offer real time pricing with the ability to change at a moments’ notice, to reflect changing market conditions.

Dynamic PriceBuilder’s fully hosted, carrier-managed business rules engine is coupled with the carrier’s Cost Intelligence System (CIS®) prospective cost model to drive timely, targeted and precise high-speed analytics enabling the ability to generate and manage transactional spot and LTL rates. And with high-speed performance tuned to deliver quotes via API in less than a second – as much as 10 times faster than typical direct-carrier API connections – Dynamic PriceBuilder scales to support the volume of quoting and rating needs of the industry.

Access Pricing Intelligence in Real Time


  • Adjust pricing in real time, reflecting current market conditions
  • Utilize multiple business rules for lane and carrier configurations
  • Immediately respond to local events and disruptions


  • Generate and manage targeted transactional spot and LTL rates
  • Quickly respond to operational needs
  • Smooth the peaks and valleys of business volumes


  • Change business rules in real time without affecting past quotes
  • Adjust prices for hundreds of customers instantly
  • Create multiple data sets to vary prices across customer segments
  • Data driven price changes

With Dynamic PriceBuilder - carriers immediately feel the impact of CIS’s enhanced visibility into load-level costs, pricing and profitability paired with their custom business rules engine to provide the data needed to quickly offer customer-specific pricing that can instantly be updated as often as necessary.
Dynamic PriceBuilder® Powers Dynamic LTL Pricing Read Data Sheet

“This dynamic system will take into account what our projected costs are. I don’t know of anyone else that has taken it to this level of technology.”

Mark Davis | Vice President of Pricing and Traffic | Averitt Express