SMC³ EDI Solutions

Enable LTL Connectivity Across the Supply Chain with SMC³ EDI Solutions

Automate shipment lifecycle messaging for connected LTL transportation

Data and information exchange is a necessity to keep supply chains moving. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has proven its staying power across industries and remains a communication standard with entrenched applications and continued investments by shippers and logistics service providers.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides secure, reliable, automated information transmission across the supply chain. In LTL transportation, supply chain EDI facilitates information flow by connecting the supply chain from load tender through delivery.

EDI Messaging Types

EDI Solution Flexibility – Mix and Match to Meet Unique Shipper & LSP Needs
  • EDI can be used as a primary, single solution or as part of a multi-technology, transportation solution by combining with:
    • SMC³’s heavyweight analytical APIs, RateWare® XL and CarrierConnect® XL
    • And/or direct to carrier LTL APIs for automated end-to-end execution and visibility

How can EDI fit into End-to-End Shipment Lifecycle Management?

Customized LTL Carrier
Quoting Transit PRO# eBOL/BOL Dispatch Status Document
1 RateWare® XL
CarrierConnect® XL
RateWare XL high-speed rating with access to 4500+ carrier tariffs CarrierConnect XL transit times and carrier service details          
(consume full suite or à la carte)
Dynamic, Contract, Volume and Broker All rates include transit from carrier or CarrierConnect XL Assign prior to pickup, managed PRO# available Meets NMFTA LTL Digital Council standard Schedule pickups with immediate confirmation Monitor and track shipments in real-time Bill of lading, W&I, POD, and invoice
3 EDI Messaging
      EDI 211
Bill of lading
EDI 204
Load tender
EDI 214
Shipment status
EDI 210
Digital invoicing
Single SMC³ Integration Point, Standardization, Speed, and Superior Service
Customized LTL Carrier Connectivity

Design the best fit business combination.
Choose from:

RateWare XL CarrierConnect XL
LTL APIs EDI Messaging

Rate Optimization &
Transit Time Planning


RateWare XL LTL APIs
  • RateWare®XL: High-speed rating access to 4000+ carrier tariffs
  • LTL APIs: Dynamic, contract, volume and broker rating


CarrierConnect XL LTL APIs
  • CarrierConnect® XL: Transit times and carrier service details
  • LTL APIs: All rates include transit from the carrier or CarrierConnect® XL

Shipment Execution & Visibility


  • LTL API – Automated PRO#: Assign PRO# prior to pickup, managed PRO service available


LTL APIs EDI Messaging
  • LTL API – eBOL: Meets NMFTA LTL Digital Council standard
  • EDI: 211 Bill of lading


LTL APIs EDI Messaging
  • LTL API – Dispatch: Schedule pickups with immediate confirmation
  • EDI: 204 Load tender


LTL APIs EDI Messaging
  • LTL API – Status: Monitor and track shipments in real-time
  • EDI: 214 Shipment status


LTL APIs EDI Messaging
  • LTL API – Document: Bill of lading, W&I, POD, and invoice via PDF or PNG formats
  • EDI: 210 Digital invoicing
Why partner with SMC³ for managed EDI?

SMC³ knows LTL. Not all EDI providers have expertise in LTL (less-than-truckload) or transportation. SMC³ handles EDI development and day-to-day operations so shippers and LSPs can focus on business. Tap into SMC³’s nearly nine decades of LTL transportation leadership and go-to technologies to improve the efficiency of shipment lifecycle management.

EDI teams are ready to work with shippers and logistics service providers to tailor and deliver optimal, best-fit EDI for supply chain to maximize communication to customers.

Explore the possibilities
  • Custom EDI developments or TMS integrations
  • EDI backup solutions for carrier API service outages – to keep information flowing to customers
  • Gap filling transmission connectivity when carrier APIs don’t exist, for example – EDI 210 digital invoicing
Ready to explore the role EDI can play in managing LTL logistics?

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The SMC³ Platform

The Single Source for LTL Pricing and Transit Information

The SMC³ Platform empowers 3PLs and Shippers of any size to successfully navigate and optimize the LTL shipment arena. Choose the level of computing power based on your specific needs and operating environment with a technology platform offering the best of all worlds.


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