LTL Solutions to Simplify Transit Decisions

The single source for LTL pricing and transit information

When it comes to optimizing less-than-truckload freight transportation, more than 5,000 companies across North America depend on SMC³ LTL solutions to make the best business decisions, achieve higher returns on their transportation investment, and meet the dynamic demands of the market.

The SMC³ Platform is the only integrated suite of API solutions designed to enable shippers, 3PLs and carriers to optimize the entire LTL shipment lifecycle. SMC³ technology solutions simplify and manage the complexity of LTL:

  • Price negotiations and bid management
  • Rating and transit-time planning and optimization
  • Shipment visibility from dispatch to delivery
  • Freight bill auditing

Delivered through the proven SMC³ cloud – which handles millions of transactions every day – this complete LTL solution allows customers to choose the level of computing power to match their business needs.

By offering best-in-class LTL solutions encompassing API technology, price benchmarking, bid management, rating, transit-time and audit, the SMC³ Platform enables shippers and 3PLs of any size successfully navigate the LTL shipment arena.

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The SMC³ Platform

The Single Source for LTL Pricing and Transit Information

The SMC³ Platform empowers 3PLs and Shippers of any size to successfully navigate and optimize the LTL shipment arena. Choose the level of computing power based on your specific needs and operating environment with a technology platform offering the best of all worlds.