SMC³ Partners Value LTL Expertise

Strategic partners deliver complete solutions with SMC³

Best-in-class technology partners across the globe recognize SMC³ as the knowledge hub for less than truckload (LTL) and truckload solutions. From ERP and supply chain management firms to TMS/WMS companies to supply chain design and planning firms, strategic partners incorporate SMC³’s niche expertise for a complete, integrated solution with smooth implementation.

Partners value SMC³ for...
  • Easy access to industry expertise from the proven leader in LTL solutions
  • Knowledgeable sales support through education and joint calls with prospective customers
  • Dependable technical support throughout the implementation cycle with your customers
  • Increased corporate, product and technology visibility and support with collaborative marketing projects – joint press releases, marketing collateral – as well as new product announcements, enhancements and technical support Q&A
  • Informative group meetings and educational seminars, with roundtable discussions on current issues and trends in the marketplace
  • Ongoing opportunities to influence future products and enhancements
  • Trusted profitability truckload solutions for carriers
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