RateWare XL

RateWare® XL LTL Rating Engine

Simplify LTL freight rating and transportation analysis

The nature of LTL freight rating is complex and multi-faceted. RateWare® XL enables customers to manage parcel pricing and LTL rating complexity, for both class and density rates, with the most comprehensive rating and pricing solution of its kind. With industry-leading speed, reliability and security, SMC³’s RateWare XL LTL rating engine integrates seamlessly with TMS applications to deliver rate detail and precision.

Upgrade to the HTTP-only RateWare XL 2.0 for:

  • RESTful APIs
  • API layer versioning capabilities
  • Currency support
  • Improved speed

Command a 360° view of LTL pricing, transit times and carrier services when RateWare XL is integrated with CarrierConnect® XL.

LTL Freight Rating Complexity

“We move 4,000 LTL shipments daily – that’s about 1 million annually. Without RateWare® XL, we would not be able to acquire the
customers that generate those shipments, and tendering the shipments would be virtually impossible.”

Tom Madine | President and CEO | Worldwide Express