RateWare XL
for LSPs

RateWare® XL Simplifies LTL Rating for LSPs

LSPs prefer RateWare® XL

With more than 4,000 LTL tariffs in play at any given time, managing the complexity of multiple carrier price lists and service information can be an LSP’s worst nightmare. With RateWare XL, benchmarking across carriers is no longer a cumbersome, time-consuming task. RateWare XL is able to deliver rapid pricing information, enabling quick, correct analysis that leads to transportation decisions.

Utilizing SMC³’s pricing science, backed by a lifetime of LTL knowledge, RateWare® XL gives users the power to:

  • Manage and optimize LTL rating complexity and logic for multiple shippers, in both density and class-based pricing
  • Optimize UPS and FedEx small-package shipment pricing
  • Facilitate route planning and optimization
  • Accurately invoice your customers
  • Integrate with ease into enterprise-wide business and supply chain applications
  • API layer versioning and currency support is available with RateWare XL 2.0

When combined with CarrierConnect® XL,, RateWare® XL integrates carrier-specific rates with points of service and transit times to provide a holistic view of LTL pricing, transit times and carrier services.

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“Before RateWare® XL, getting a rate was a labor-intensive process and one of the barriers to entry to some of the markets we are now
playing in. I can’t imagine trying to operate a business like ours – and work efficiently for our customers – without a product like RateWare® XL”

Chad Earwood | President & CEO | eShipping


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